Friday, October 19, 2007

Some things socialism just can't buy...

For those who think socialized medicine will answer America's healthcare ills:

"Name that drug -- many patients can't" (AP/Yahoo News):

Our only way forward as a nation is to get people more involved in their own care and to start thinking of being a "patient" more like being a "consumer."

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Thomas said...

Our exalted doctors rise up and cry socialism at any attempt to setup a reasonable and fair system to get basic care to all Americans. However, they are perfectly happy to utilize our state funded police forces to protect themselves from open competition.

These days, they even feel an 'entitlement' to insurance that protects them from facing the consequences of their own incompetence. Too bad such a thing doesn't exist for our presidents and legislators!

In most of the civilized world, the medical industry doesn't cry so loudly for justice from BMW's.