Wednesday, October 3, 2007

OSU fires employee for explicit files and email

Full text HERE.

OSU had been detecting various types of illicit internet use for quite some time and sent out a threatening employee newsletter about how employees can expect no right to privacy at work. This firing is one of hundreds of thousands of cases that cause us to reconsider the boundaries of personal invasion at the work place.

Most employers with massive computer networks use the same type of network monitoring as OSU: a network monitor (kind of like in the Matrix) that can see all network activity in real time. I've always wondered, if they didn't want people downloading porn at work, why they don't just block those sites. OSU had already blocked peer-to-peer file transfer sites (e.g., the old Napster).

Great read on the subject of privacy at work: The Unwanted Gaze, by Jeffrey Rosen

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